Anniversary Cabinet

This cabinet I designed for my brother and new sister in-law! I told them to find a small piece of art to display, and a bottle of wine on their honeymoon to be opened on their anniversary, which would be hidden behind the paneled door.

I got the arbutus from my friend Morgan, who grew up on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound. He and his friends fell the tree themselves and processed the tree at the mill he spent the summers working at. From my understanding this tree only grows in the Pacific Northwest and is one of most dense woods in North America. Very nice to work with, planed beautifully; buttery smooth is a good way to describe it. The Cherry panels were from an 8/4 piece of scrap I salvaged from the cut-off bin from school.  I was able to re-saw it into the three panels for the door and two back panels. The two door pulls were fun to make, I like to think of them as the jewelry for the piece. Those were scrap as well from a Koa end table that my friend Jeremy was making for a client, they were in the burn pile, but fit the bill  perfectly for what I saw I needed.