getting settled

With Haley working down in Washington and all my day spent here in the shop, these first few months have flown by. We spent the first semester doing exercise type projects (I’ll get some pics of those up later) just to use new skills learned in actual pieces of furniture. Also making a lot hand tools, I know that sounds a bit old-fashioned but when tuned properly they truly do work better, and are a joy to use. After the break we will be able to start on our own designs…that will be a nice change!

cozy.. aye

I snagged this pic of my “office” when I first arrived in August, so it’s rarely is this clean.  Most of my days now are spent either at my bench or… grinding coffee, in the (amazing  HAND GRINDER, WE ALL NEED ONE)….the hand grinder will have a post all to its own.  Ten to twelve-hour days are the norm,  it’s weird going to school in the dark and leaving in the dark.. I sometimes feel like I’m watching  the sunset and eating lunch simultaneously. It gets dark sooo early here, I don’t think I could handle living permenatly where  there is this little sunlight.  I miss beaches.. without ice, walking.. without mittens on my hands, or watching my dog pee.. and not see steam from where it’s hitting.

hottie, with a ton clothes on

 I miss Haley too, more than the above mentioned “misses”. She has been working outside of Seattle about two weeks at a time, and back home in Canada for about a week. She’s one sweet wife;)

There is the occasional day when I realize the last four hours,, or so,, have been spent doing something the wrong way. Thats when its time to get a “day old”. See, just about thirty feet from our shop is this cozy, overpriced, cafe. I was takin for a tourist the first month, but after I found the basket of “day old muffins” for 50% off, this place was once again on my must see list when throughly frustrated and in need of a muffin. 
I hope to post later about things we are actually doing in school. 
 My walk from the shop to back door of the muffin factory