done with the exercises…

Well we are back in school from our Christmas break and there is a good feeling among the class, we are finishing our required pieces for the year and are now moving on to our own projects. So with that said, my last exercise was a jewelery box for my mom.


We all got to choose from a few types of woods and since my mom likes that arts and crafts stuff, I chose white oak. It is a replica of one of Krenov’s boxes, so even the dovetail layout is identical to the original.

One of the things I was looking forward to learning before arriving here was laying out and cutting dovetails by hand. It turns out to be a very enjoyable process. From rough milling the wood to dry fitting the dovetails took about two full weeks. Robert, the teacher man, is all about the details in everything we do, so a small crack in the dry fit might mean cutting of the tails and starting again. He calls it the “Walk of Shame”, back to the saw.

From our first day of class the emphasis has been on hand tools and becoming proficient using them. It’s pretty nice to get an amazing surface using no sand paper and only a well tuned hand plane… so…saves a lot of time and a lot of dust! 

As I said earlier, Robert is all about the details. The latches that came with the locks we ordered were pretty dinky, so he gave us some brass and showed us how to make our own latches. I thought it gave it a nice touch!

Most of us in the class usually have a something going on the side, like making tools or planes. I find it gives my mind a break from whatever is really sucking all my energy! So … I popped out this little block plane last week, it was from a small piece of black locust (super hard stuff…great for a plane!) that I got on our chainsaw milling field trip a few months back out on the Spanish Banks. But don’t know if I like the color. Oh well.. it works nicely!

I know this is a long post…but I wanted to show what I made Haley for Christmas. I had to squeeze this in on the side as well and hide it at other student’s benches when ever Haley decided to drop in! It was fun, it is a small day jewelery cabinet out of walnut to hang in the bathroom. Just something to put your trinkets in before you get in the shower… I think that’s a good idea!

The drawer front was from a small piece of wood called Etimoe’ that I picked up in Portland in November (it smells like cinnamon rolls when you cut into it!) When I saw it I thought it would be perfect for Haley’s cabinet. Robert gave me some Lebanon Cedar for the sides and the pull was carved from a piece of would that had belonged to Jim Krenov.

On to our own projects!!


3 Comments on “done with the exercises…”

  1. Jonathan says:

    That is some beautiful work, brother. The shop is so idyllic! When I saw the previous post I wanted to jump into the picture like what’s his name from Mary Poppins. Color and all, that plane is a beauty! It’s a sweet craft when even your tools are pieces of art.

  2. Aimee says:

    Dude… those are so beautiful, Kylle. You really are turning out some amazing pieces of art. Can’t wait to come see everything in person… we’re getting Ransom a passport and everything!

  3. this is awesome!!!! i wish yall moved back already!!!! please! i need to hire you to make us stuff!!!!
    Proud of you!

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