things are movin

This week was good. Finally settled on a design that I am excited about for the display cabinet. I wanted to make a piece that I liked and incorporate some processes that I have never done such as; the curvy stuff, cutting my own veneers, and making the substrate to for the veneers, all which will be very applicable my shop some day. Also I hate to say veneers because we automatically think of plywood or the stuff your kitchen cabinets are made of…Well, these are “real veneers”, Nothing like what you might get at your local wood supplier! I will explain the process in another post but there are some good reason why to do this.  By doing this you can make a piece with super tight tolerances that do not have to allow for the wood to move through the seasons and also make the most of that priceless piece of wood that might not have a place in a solid wood piece.

So here is a look at the curve on the front, the sides have a bit of a curve as well but just subtle enough to soften the piece, not too noticeable. Sorry for those of you that might be expecting some nice mockup are computer generated drawing…or even a colored pencil rendering.  This little template is enough to get the ball rollin! 

The rest of the week has been picking apart the euro cheery to find out where to cut the veneers from.  Here…look, this is all of them cut and stacked.

So I from the first pic,,, a two door caby on one side and a glass display on the other. The inside will be port orford cedar, smells amazing, like peeling an orange 🙂  I think that’s a good idea..yup euro cheery on the outside and port O on the inside.

And not so amazing… although very important in this piece, is the substrate. Once cross banded and then wrapped in a nice blanket of that euro cheery it well never see the light of day again.  All it is is poplar cut into strips, reverse the grain for stability and glue it back up!

Here it is after milled to final thickness with the crossbanding.

Next…Cooperd doors.

And….Here’s a bit of Haley’s jewelry, I love having Haley at the end of my bench on Saturdays making stuff…….you can buy them too…. they’re for sale


3 Comments on “things are movin”

  1. Matthew says:

    I am just as impressed with your writing skills as I am with your wood skills.

  2. Matthew says:

    Did you take that pic for the el norte title?

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