doors part-1

Okay, Haley scored a four week job in Spokane which is only good because it’s her last job she will have to do while we are up here in Canada. But,  since it’s only a four week job she’ll be staying there the whole time:( no visits!  It’s just been Elliot(dog) and myself holding down the house.

Well…onto the doors

Here at IP we are taught when making a curved or “coopered” door, or any door for that matter, that is good to make the door(s) first, then fit the cabinet to the door. It’s easier to plane a bit off the sides of the cabinet than try to take any wind out of the door. Also when you want a curved front to your project, after the doors are made we can finalize the curve for the front cabinet from what the doors end up being (hopefully just like or real close to the template). So with that being said I did pick the wood to be sawn for the veneers for the outside at the same time. Another fun thing was using the existing curve in the grain for the shape of the front of the cabinet, I think that will be nice;)

 Here you can see the beginnings of the lumber core being milled into strips, flat and square, then edge jointed with a jointing plane with just a slight bevel (you can see that in the pic with the little square and the light passing through). And that’s how you get your curve! More bevel, more curve. The last step in the pic above is the strips glued together and ready to be shaped with a coopering plane. A little side note, the three planes we use the most were made during the first couple of weeks of class: the jointing, coopering and smoothing. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, they really do work great, slicing is better than sanding.

Thank you and good day




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