Yesterday was a snow day at the shop. It made for a cozy go, sipping coffee and working quietly at my bench while the snow was piling up outside my window, ok, so it was only about an inch or two, still was nice.  And opposed to what my american homies down south might think, Vancouver rarely gets a measurable snowfall, so yesterday was fun.

Lets just get to it, and I’ll explain the last few steps in the pics below.

The first pic shows the poplar core planed to final shape with the cross-banding all ready applied. So now is probably a good time to explain why go to so much trouble, ………Oh hold on, the sun just peaked out of the clouds while I was typing, that makes me smile. I haven’t seen much of that this winter up here so I’ll take even little slivers of sun that wanna peek through the clouds every now and again.  Anyway, crossbanding, I’ll explain this fast to try not to bore everyone. Wood expands width wise, not in length, in the poplar core the grain is running vertical, then the crossbanding is running horizontal and the last layer of the “show wood” aka uero cherry, is running back, vertical. Opposing the grain direction like this locks the wood together and eliminates any movement!

So let’s run it

First pic, cross-banded. Second pic, you have to cover up all that end grain with piece of the cherry, you wont see it from the front it will get covered by the last step and only the top wil be visible. Third pic, just going through the veneers, cutting out the defects, edge jointing and glueing them back for the final width veneer. If you are able to cut veneers out of a wider plank, step three can be avoided, I just had a limited amount of good wood in that plank. The last pic is the veneers grain-matched and glued back together ready to be applied onto the doors. 

 Now it’s to the vacuum press where everything gets all sucked tight.

 All that’s left when they get out is applying an edge of solid cherry(which was cut off the edges of the plank before the veneers are cut) then applied back to the finished product for hopefully, seemless look;)

Here below is the applied edges, which will get cut down a bit, and shaped to the curve as well.

Finally, the doors, minus surface prep and finish!

One Comment on “doors-continued”

  1. Matthew says:

    That vacuum system is awesome! Thanks for chronicling your project.

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