A good time

This last weekend was Haley and I’s sixth anniversary, and we decided to start a new tradition. Well, we started it last year but had to wait till this year to enjoy it. And it was worth it. While celebrating last year in Santa Barbara we decided to buy a real nice bottle of something rare, hand crafted by someone who loves his vineyard, and well…pricey because of it.  See, it came from a vineyard that has refused to grow larger just for the chance to make more dollars. The family still farms from their one acre vineyard, and puts time in everyday making sure his fruit is as close to perfect as the conditions can allow.  Sometimes it’s just nice to pay a little more and enjoy it! 

It was killing us not to try it and actually wait till this year to open it up. But we  made it, so nice to sit back and reflect on the last year and all that’s happened while enjoying something that we don’t get to have a lot… a super tasty glass of wine. Yeah, it’s been a great bottle to have around, it would catch my eye a time or two as I walked through the kitchen and remind me of Haley. It also made the two-week road trip here with us real nice, a good travel companion. Maybe we would take a turn to tight and hear it fall and both look at each other and think …can’t wait to try that guy. It was around for so long it was kinda sad to see it go. But alas, we bought a new bottle while in Whistler to live with us for another year and keep the tradition going!


2 Comments on “A good time”


    Happy Anniversary! What a nice tradition you guys have begun – and a fun one too!

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