After we left off, I cut the curves into the top and bottom, minus 1/16 for the 1/8 applied edge which gives me  a 1/16 final reveal.

So here the top is in clamps for the front edge, Gotta have enough cauls for the clamps to pull from to get even pressure across the entire surface.

And out of the clamps ….

Onto the edge treatment ( a little shaping to make it feel nice). I just wanted to keep it simple with only a about a 1/16 reveal and just soften the edges.  I should say, this little Lei Nelson Spokeshave is one of my favs to use, I find myself reaching for it whenever I have the chance. Worth the splurge!

Next was chopping the mortises for the L-hinges. Some final  surface prep with my smoothing plane, shellac, then glue-up… and of course, a dry run first.

There’s a cool tradition here at the school that the last birthday body has to make a cake for the next birthday body. So it’s been way too long since I made this guy. Chocolate espresso cheesecake….Happy birhtday Steve!

2 Comments on “”

  1. Matthew says:

    Are you going to pastry school on the side? W-T-F !!! that cake looks amazing!

    • Kylle says:

      Thanks matt, I thought I made that for you guys once? It’s lke the only cheesecake i’ve ever made..and keep making, so it eventually started to turn out.

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