four weeks to go…

As the year is coming to an end we’re starting to see the classes second pieces completed and made ready for the year-end show. I’ve had a bench next to and good man named Christian who brought his family over from Denmark so he could study here at Inside Passage. He decided to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps who was a furniture maker as well. Christian said that one thing he remembers about his grandfather was that he always genuinely enjoyed his work and found satisfaction in what he did. That will be something different for us all, but is a good lesson to learn and apply no matter where we are in life. He said he wanted his kids to see what he saw in his grandfather…satisfaction in a good days work at something you enjoy to do.

His project is simple and clean, very danish. All of our projects are built on the skills we have learned up to this point. He designed a box to house his wooden planes, but as the project progressed it turned into a box for his chisels, it just seemed a bit more practical. Something to use in his shop or take on the road if the opportunity comes up. It is made of boxwood, eastern maple and brass. He used the same method as in my cabinet with the shop sawn veneers and shop made substrate, which again allows for tight tolerances while avoiding most of the seasonal wood movement.

A brass pin was made so that when the lid shuts it ensures the seam will forever be flush the entire length of the lid.



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