Once again the time in class has been getting longer and longer I have been a bit to busy to post and keep up with the progress on my project. So at this point I’m just gonna go through some pics as to what has been going on here and maybe do some explaining along the way.

I finished the stand a few day after my last post, then moved onto making the box to house the drawers behind the right hand door. After completing the box, I just didn’t like it, the Bocote wasn’t right with the rest of the piece. So I scratched that idea, took a few day set back and decided to make a smaller insert from the port orferd and only place two drawers in it.

So then I needed to decide on new drawer fronts. To me this is good fun, one of the best times to use those rare pieces of wood to really bring a lot of interest to the inside of the cabinet. I spent the day trying out different woods, then remembered before I came here a good friend of mine gave me a beautiful hunk of Italian Olive. I’ve had this piece under my bench all year hoping I would have the chance to use it, and now seemed like the right time:) So on from here I went to chopping the pins and tails and my two drawers. I went with european sycamore for the drawer sides.

Always cut on the waste side of your layout;)

Skip a few steps….mock up drawer pulls….carve them…then it was time to mortise the fronts to receive these little guys. Robert always has an abundance of just the right wood, I ended up going with black olive…it will darken up nicely over the years.

And here ya go…two drawers. done.

And fitted!

Coffee break

And Scoobie snacks for Elliot

Good day


5 Comments on “”

  1. Nicholas says:

    Digging the elegantly simple stand! Are there no steps between aprons and legs?
    I totally agree with the Orford drawer boxes ;). And beautiful pairing with the drawer components!
    Most excellent.

    • Kylle says:

      Thanks Nick, nope, no steps. It made the clean up after glue up a bit more time consuming but I think it looks ok. And that Bocote box I just wasnt feelin, hated to ditch about a weeks worth of work but it had to be done.

  2. Matthew says:

    Can’t wait to see it in person.

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