meet box

Hey people, still living one day at a time as we are not sure where we are gonna be settling. But, in between working for the guys I rent shop space from, I wanted to do a small project to keep my hand skills moving along,  just get back in the swing of things. Robert would always say, “do the best you can with the materials you have”. So lacking an abundance of the “good stuff” I did have a small piece of Ash that I was able to bring back from school. I did what I could, with what I had… just a small, simple, straight box, hand-cut joinery, and planed surfaces.

After getting going with it I thought it would be fun to put it on a small stand. My classmate before I left gave my wife a scrap piece of teak (that was perfectly rifts sawn by the way) to make some earings with. So I got her permission, and cut that little guy up into a stand.

I was going to just set the box on two stretchers underneath the box, but that wasn’t going to work. I decided to use some brass stock and make TINY brass plates to fasten it to the stand. It was fun, I don’t know if you can tell from the pics but the box is pretty small ..about 9x6x4.

Good day


one day at a time

That’s the way it been….we decided to go to Houston (after my time at IP) and Haley would work a temporary travel nurse contract for three months. I was going to explore my options for starting up shop while in Houston and see where we stood at the end of the three months.  See, San Diego had options for the both of us with work, but we wanted to give our hometown a good shot. So while on the road, somewhere in Oregon, we got a phone call that said Haley’s temp job in Houston fell through, so a cheerful car with music loud driving south turned fast to “what the he%$ are we gonna do?? For the next twelve hours we took turns sleeping, driving through the night, asking God for an open door somewhere? That next morning Haley had a phone interview, while driving, and got a five-week job in San Diego. I got on the phone and secured bench space at good friends shop… and by that night we were eating homemade pizza over a good glass a Tobin James and sleeping in our friends guest bedroom in La Jolla ….. God is good:)  So we are still taking it a day at a time and now we are house-sitting at our friend Jeremy’s house for the next month, which is also where my bench space is,  just a few steps from coffee pot to shop.


His place is super cozy with a sweet view of the lake

The house might just be temporary but I went ahead and got set up in the shop in case I am there for a while, also got started on my first project with some “scrap” teak and ash I got from the cut off been before I left IP.

It was nice unpacking my tools, making a few quick shelves, and setting up a place to work!

Good day