Haley’s Cabinet

Alright, I got the pics back from the photog place. I hope you enjoy them.

This was my final project while at school. The criteria was to design a piece and use some of the techniques learned throughout the year. When I designed the cabinet I obviously was inspired by the Krenovian/Danish style, I wanted to incorporate, curves, shop sawing my own veneers for the chance to use different woods on the inside and out, glass, hand-cut dovetails and drawer fitting. If you are interested in seeing some of the process for this build you can access it from the “archives”  section starting in Feb/2011.

The outside of the cabinet is air dried, european cherry, ( it will stay lite in color as opposed to our american cherry that darkens over time). It was sourced from middle Canada , the owner said he believed it was brought over as sapling from early european settlers. The inside is a very aromatic, port orford cedar, milled locally from a chainsaw milling adventure and air dried as well.  ( sorry, I don’t mean to sound obnoxious about euro this and african that…that’s just what happened to be available at school) ….and it’s fun knowing where the wood is from! So…the stand is afrimosia (south african;).

The drawer fronts were from a small piece of italian olive given to me by a good friend and the drawers sides are european sycamore, while the pulls were carved from a piece of  black olive.

Photos by Ingeborg Suzanne Hardman


7 Comments on “Haley’s Cabinet”


    You don’t sound obnoxious – you sound like you know your craft! That’s what people want when they are buying or ordering a fine piece of furniture. Haley’s cabinet is wonderful. Thanks for pointing out all the details. I enjoyed the adventure of it all.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    WOW!!! What a beautiful piece of art. The simplicity of the photography really showcases the elegance of your piece. You choreographed the world-wide wood with great excellence!!

  3. Randy says:

    well done. What is it finished with? Pins or tails first.

  4. Nicholas says:

    Hot/Beautiful work sir! Good to see some of this pieces after completion. The Eurp Cherry is gorgeous, of course, and Olive(s) in the drawers.
    Interesting choice on flush joints in the stand. Wanted to get a consistent reveal?
    Riddle me this, why are a number of students choosing glass bases to showcase compartments vs a wood “stage” as I call it?

    Great job. When’s the next!? heh

    • Kylle says:

      Nicholas…you’re a good man, thanks for the kind words:)
      As for the reveal on the stand I was just trying to keep it consistant and it seemed, to me, to flow a bit more smoothly between the cab and the stand?? just my opinion. I do very musch like steps though.
      And the glass shelf instead of wood? I was leaning toward making it from the cedar and last minute just went with the glass. Robert suggested if it was for a client to make and give both to the client.
      What’s next? We need to get settled first. If we end up moving back to Houston we will do so shortly…then there will be the fun task of putting a shop together, so a next peice mght be a ways out 😦
      Cheers Nick

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