Love notes

Well it’s been longer than I wanted getting to this post, but here it is. I was trying to get some more “professional looking” pics, but that’s just not going to happen anytime soon. So I did my best with what I had.:)

I made this cabinet for a good friend of mine whom I apprenticed with for a short time. The idea for cabinet was something small that could hang quietly in his house. I knew I wanted it to have two drawers and a concave front, that’s where I got the idea to remake the Wabi Sabi exercise I made while at IP. The drawers are “his & hers”, one slightly bigger than the other. I liked the thought of writing something sweet for your significant other and placing it in their drawer. Maybe to be read when the other is not there, or possibly just when you need to hear some encouraging words.

I wanted to use woods he is fond of, so while making it, I went through his wood collection (with permission) a time or two;). He is from the pacific northwest and loves the old cedars, so I found this old growth red cedar which I used for the drawer sides. He told me it was out of old homes that had been demolished in BC, so who knows how old the stuff is, but it is old, and looked sweet. The drawer fronts are teak, reclaimed from old Indonesian fishing boats. I thought the colors paired nicely with the red cedar.

I know this picture quality is poor, but it was the only one I could get of the inside. While I was at IP, Robert gave me a piece of spalted mystery wood, it was a small piece, but I knew it would make a great panel some day.

The pulls I carved from a small piece of rosewood, I used it to for the inside latch(flipper flopper) and door leveler.

Rosewood door leveler

So as it turns out the entire cabinet was reclaimed wood. Even the Claro was an off-cut from a table a friend of mine was working on!

Good day


3 Comments on “Love notes”


    I love the little cabinet you made for your friend(s)! What a wonderful piece. And… I love how you described your work.

  2. Terry Pfrang says:

    That’s a beautifully done piece! Lord willing when we remodel our bedroom area we’ll need some of your fine work to grace our place!
    Miss you guys tons, and
    Love you both,

  3. jonathan k says:

    I hope these days are finding you in the shop curling some wood shavings! I had to scroll down to Haley’s cabinet just now; I could smell that sweet cedar like I was right there opening it.

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