once a year

I thought I would go ahead and wrap this blog up by doing one last post…that has almost nothing to do with woodworking. For those of you that kept up with the blog, last year on our anniversary I told you about a tradition Haley and I have. Wherever we go on our anniversary we buy a bottle of wine to put down and then open on our next anniversary. It’s become a fun event, and something we both anxiously await all year. This year we opened a bottle that we bought while we were in Whistler, BC last year. As we sat back and enjoyed the bottle we recalled all the happenings of the last year and dreamed of all the things this next year could hold.

Thanks to those who kept up with the blog, it was always nice to read all the comments. Part of this next year might include a new blog, or something that keeps up with whats going on in the shop, design ideas, and some of the processes going into this new endeavor. My goal is to create items with intention, for individuals not the masses, not seeking the next “big thing”, but seeking the beauty and good in things.

A teaser for the next project I started this week…

(yes it’s been drying for five years…it’s ready for go)